Welcome To The Fishbowl.

When people at pet stores say that fish can't see you out of their tank, I don't believe them. Whenever I put my face or something up to the tank (and like the cd for Matt's betta) they freak out. Or, if I'm in the kitchen, the betta swims to that side of the tank. They're not dumb. I bet they're SO smart they'll rule the world some day... When the Earth's atmosphere mysteriously becomes solid and then the fishies threaten to drown all humans unless we terraform some other planet and get the hell away from Earth.

Really, what reason don't they have to take over?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you've figured out what their plan to take over the world is.... *rolls eyes*. You're on to them! Hahaha! (Liar Liar).

Who would feed the fishies if the whole planet is solid and we can't live on Earth anymore? :-P


*Mole! Bloody Mole! We're not supposed to talk about the bloody mole but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face!*

15/11/04 21:48  

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