Isn't it funny how things change in your life without your express written consent?

And you watch these changes occurring, but you're not sure if you like or hate them?

In some measure you welcome the change, in some measure you fear it.

And yet you cannot stop it.

The world is funny like that.

Should you be stoic? Should you be unyielding?

Or should you just cower and wait for the storm to pass?


To stare the problem right in the eye is the courageous way to do it.

Stomachs turn to knots at the thought of confrontation.

How can you possibly defeat Nature? She is beautiful. She is serene. She is vicious.

Suppose defeat is not the solution.

Be a stoic. Adapt. Yield.

Be humble.

Eat your heart - taste the sourness of fear.

Be heartless.


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