I'm dying!

Ok, so while I'm really not dying (from ailments, etc... but aren't we all classified as dying from the minute we stop growing? Let's hope I'm still growing! Anyway...) I find it rather ironic that on my birthday I saw a funeral procession on my way to school.

After the hearse passed through the intersection, at least thirty cars followed it before the tail-end cop went by. I thought to myself, "Gee, somebody was loved by A LOTTA people. I wonder how many people will miss me when I die."

I mean, isn't the funeral party something everyone thinks of at least once before they die? I'm sure it is. Everyone's gotta wonder who's going to miss them and show up to poke their dead body or scatter the ashes into the breezy wind only to get covered in the ashes themselves...

Ok, while that's really morbid, I didn't create it. We all have The Big Lebowski to thank for that imagery!

Phone's ringin', Dude.

Thank you, Donny...!


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