Fun at HotorNot.com

Ok, looking through the viewfinder, picking a target, and pushing the button of a camera does not make you a photographer, damn it!

Get out of the 80's!
Peace, brotha!
'Sup, mothafucka?!
Too Cool For School
RPG gone bad
Riiight, I'll make my move.
And last, but certainly not least...

So there are two photos (Too Cool and Make Your Move) that aren't wholly bad, but they were funny. Anyway, there ya go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Mellie. You're most certainly going to hell.


9/12/04 13:27  
Blogger The Infinite Hex said...

Hey, hey, that first pic ("Get Out of the 80's") you linked to is actually Kirk Hammett, the guitarist of Metallica. Someone had a good sense of humor to post a very old celebrity pic (he doesn't look more than 21 there) in hot or not. Ironically enough, funny how I'm a metal musician and Dimebag Darrell (an idol of mine) was killed last night and then today I randomly see this on your blog! Go figure.

9/12/04 13:47  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

Tara: I don't wanna go to Hell!

9/12/04 16:30  

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