*cough* ... *hack*

Yep, folks, still sick. Why aren't you comforting me?! No, I'm totally just kidding. I'm just mocking Wussy McGee again. So, Wussy McGee, if you ever want to, uh, lend us (me and The Viewers') your name, I know we'd all greatly appreciate it. Plus, then the mockery against you would stop. Eh... maybe. No, yeah. It would.

So, folks, can't you tell that I'm a weeee bored? DooDoo and I are watching Spongebob! Isn't it amazing?! We're in the same state>city>house for once! "Isn't that gWeat?!"

So the three bettas and I traveled up here yesterday - it was quite an adventure - and I apologize to them for some minor sloshing here and there. You see, just south of "Feenix" traffic decided to crawl. Something like... too many freeways merging... You know... Kinda like the 405 in California... But, the fishies seem to be happy now.

Why bring them to "Feenix"? Would YOU trust your three fishies with some protein-drinking, body-hair-waxing, yappy-dog-owner roommate? I think NOT!

Hmmm... So what should I do this week? I gotta get better FAST so I can fun-it-up before hittin' da grindstone again. Any ideas? There's talk of California... Hm, maybe other cities... Hm... Hm. R-box needs a washing first. But... ah-ha! I DID remember to bring my car kit with me this time - booya. Wax-a-licious.

Supposed to make dinner for my family tonight... but I feel not so much like doing it. There has been some complaining about certain ingredients... Mushrooms are good, I tell you! Goooooooood.

I'm done now.


Blogger squirrelswithNUTS said...

Other cities....aw

12/3/05 19:15  

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