take THAT you bot-bot!

For those of you who don't know of SmarterChild, it's an online bot. Bot-bot-bot. Now see what I did to it!

Me: library

SmarterChild: Here's what I have in my library:

1 Dictionary
2 Thesaurus
3 Encyclopedia
4 U.S. Geography
5 World Facts
6 Shakespeare
7 U.S. Presidents
8 Book Search

Go ahead and make a selection!

Me: 5

SmarterChild: Here's what I can tell you about any country:

1 Geographical Information
2 Government Information
3 People Information

What would you like to know?

Me: 3

SmarterChild: Here's what I know about people around the world:

1 Birth Rates
2 Death Rates
3 Languages Spoken
4 Female Life Expectancy
5 Male Life Expectancy
6 Total Life Expectancy
7 Populations

Me: 1

SmarterChild: Which country would you like to know the birth rate for?

Me: antarctica

SmarterChild: Here's the information you requested about Antarctica:

Birth Rate: births/1000 population

Type "about antarctica" to see what else I know.

Me: about antarctica

Me: stumped?

Hahahahaahaha, I blew up the robot!


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