It was a rock... lobster! Rock lobster! Rock-lobsta!!

My weekend. Haaaaaa. Details:

1. I took pictures (I may post a few if my compy isn't being dumb). I snapped some of the Black Canyon City fire on I-17 N and of Doo jazzin'-it-up with his buddies.

2. My family and I had stupid-silly fun in downtown Flagstaff. My family can crack up over anything and everything - that is one of the major things I love about them. I'm sure we all looked like idiots at one point ... getting weird looks from passersby, etc. Haaa, I don't care - it was fun.

3. Excuse me just a little bit - I swear I haven't been drinking! I'm just a little hyper from school. Physics is an expected nightmare, but I got 19/20 on my homework. And, as mentioned above, I have an 89% in archaeology. I also found out I got an 84% on my test 2 and an 86% on my paper 2. WOOOOO! Yay, brain! So yeah. Excuse the hyperness and stuff - or not - it's fun. :o)

1. Found out my private loan for school cleared, but at 6% interest! BOOOO! It is supposed to be at 3% because my momma co-signed JUST so it'd be at 3%! The application-ma-dealy even said 3%! Grrr... This needs to get resolved NOW. I've been fighting for this for about... I dunno... Um, at LEAST 5 weeks now! Mother-truckers!

2. Mmmm, corn beef, cabbage, and potato left-overs from the momma. Mmmm... Where's my beef stew?!

3. Our house was inspected by the realtor lady today and we STILL have mystery animals. I am okay with the mystery animals being in the roof as long as they don't come inside. That, and the realtors better not try and pin thems namnles on us - because they were here before we moved in!

4. I'm done now.


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