Hahahahaha, no.

Yeah, I really don't know why I am posting. I have nothing really big to post. How about really small? Ha, the cheese!

So yeah, I'm in the book box at school and I like this keyboard. Isn't that exciting?! The mouse scroll wheel is also silent. SILENTO. It's amazing. So silent, yet to functional. Stealth mouse.

Can't you tell that I have a tremendous amount of things to do? Actually, I have some time to waste while my mom is co-signing my student loan-a-majiggy. Stupid loan people and websites keep sending me all around. "Just hold still, damn it!" I want to yell at them. It's like a happy puppy running around with the toy. Only the lender is the happy puppy... and the toy is my money... and they won't give it to me without me jumping through some firey hoops. Really, who's the one in charge here?! Yarg.

So yeah, after this I will go copy the notes I missed this week from archaeology and then I'll class-it-up. And then, like the wonderful socialite that I am, I will head back to the book box to watch the films I checked out on Early Stone Tools and Blades and Pressure Flaking. You know you're jealous.

Seriously though - this class is quite interesting. Yesterday we went downstairs to the arx* lab and messed around with artifacts and testing. We tested clay pots vs. ceramic plates vs. baking pots, etc. in the pressure tester. It was fun breaking things and calculating strength. Then we took strips of yucca and used bone tools, rocks, or (like what I did) the clay pot sherds that we had just pressure tested. The clay pot sherd actually did a pretty good job of turning the yucca strips into a fiber material. So... If you're ever stranded and need to make rope, scrape some plants, man! And break stuff to use as tools! That's what I learned. :o)

"Pretty cool, huh?" -Garth

*arx = archaeology short-hand I created


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