tall 2 Box

Seriously, that's what Scion is calling this atrocity - tall 2 Box or, the shortened version, t2B.

Ok, Toyota, when did you guys decide to start smoking crack? Oh, that's RIGHT... back when you had the brilliant idea for the Scion xB! :oP

Needless to say, when I saw the t2B unvailed on AutoWeek's show today, I couldn't stop yelling towards the tv.

1. It reminds me of the PT Cruiser, only way uglier.
2. One side has suicide doors, the other has one sliding door.
3. The omission of door handles, or any type of side molding, leaves the vehicle looking funny.
4. The interior is like a freaking space ship.
a. The seats have some funky pattern. And, they are so flat they couldn't hold you during cornering if they tried!
b. The gauges are in the neon dash lights. I'm sorry, but nothing screams "stupid-ass-space-ship-rice" like those lights. Not to mention that it would be ridiculous if those lights were on while the vehicle is moving. Isn't there a law against having a light on in a moving vehicle...?
c. The center console looks like a molested equalizer because someone thought, "Heh heh, this is cool! We'll put all the air controls in this awfully gawdy equalizer-looking thing!" when really it's so not. Let me guess - one of the vertical slots is for the cd player? Oooh, I think I have to buy this car now! Not. :oP
d. The placement of the shifter. *rolls eyes*
e. OH! And there's a neon blue light that says "EXIT" on the interior door panels! WTF is that?! (See pic in column three, row three of collage.) Apparently you push the "EXIT" button to get out. When the button breaks and you can't get out you are forced to DIE inside. Wait... This could be an excellent feature!
f. You're a gimp.
g. And what's with all the Scion-emblemed zippers?!
Have designers gone totally mental? The cars of today are all bubbly, box, busy, egdy, and basically, gawdy as Hell. The cars of the 80's and 90's were the best designs ever. Well, those and the classics. They had functionaly, they had form.

They had style, bitches.

More about this piece of crap.


Anonymous Tara said...

And I thought that the Element was ugly....I'd have a seizure if I had to ride in that thing....or be abducted by aliens.

1/10/05 21:51  
Blogger Groove Salad said...


No, Tara and I aren't online chatting and commenting on my journal at the same time cuz that'd mean we're losers, NO!

I'm actually on the Moon while I do this. See, that's mad connectivity right there, bitches!

1/10/05 22:00  
Blogger Jessica said...

Thank god! I'm not the only one who thinks the PT cruiser, Element and this thing are hidously ugly. My mom always said the Toyota Echo looks like Minnie Mouse's shoe.

2/10/05 17:45  
Blogger Groove Salad said...


Toyota's Echo also needs to be taken out back and shot.


2/10/05 20:12  
Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

Well, at least for now it is still listed as a prototype/concept model. Things would really have to be scaled back in order for this dumper to make it out of the factory.

Tall 2 FACE!!!

2/10/05 21:49  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

Things would really have to be scaled back in order for this dumper to make it out of the factory.

Hahaha, "dumper". That still makes me laugh... because it's so true...

11/10/05 22:11  

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