Only 3 more days until X-mas for my family! We're opening gifts on the 24th because we're heading out of town on the 25th. Crazy-weird! I have to START shopping! I've been so busy with work and school that I haven't had time - or the money ironically enough. *shakes fist*

But, I am looking forward to the holiday and the traveling. Let's just hope my plane doesn't skid off the runway... or fail to put a landing gear down... or not defrost properly... *blank stare* Yeah, that would be nice. :o)

Seriously though, I'm so looking forward to the snowy winter! Even though I'm going to complain how cold it is, I will really enjoy it. And I'll take pictures to prove it (both the whining and the enjoyment, that is)!

Until then, look out for sporadic posts. Um. Yep. :o)


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