Chh! Pff! Hellz-yeah!

Ohmygod! I am ... beside myself with joy! I just checked my dinosaurs test score on the course website and I got an 85%! And I let out a huge sigh of surprise. I figured that somehow I managed to bomb the test because, at the time, the questions seemed rather difficult. Just goes to prove that a little deductive logic really helps in true/false & multiple choice tests! I'm in the library right now, too, so I can't even yell, but I so wanted to! Yay meez!

Note: I am being lazy and instead of just turning in my library books, I keep renewing them online! I keep forgetting to bring them with me to school and nobody puts check-out requests on them, so it's just too easy. What a bum. I know.

DooDoo - I hope your recital went well!

CRXbot - You need to update more. Same for you, Tara! I don't care if you have a boyfriend, job, and school! :oP


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