I gots me a juicy cube.

It is the rare occasion when a walk through the ILC* just to print out an assignment rubric leads to an encounter with empty space.

I walk down the carpeted path that is surrounded by glass study rooms and peer through the glass partition on the opposite side of the pathway. Concentrating eyes don't have time to look back.

Could it be...?

Is time slowing down...?

Just another step closer... One peek downward...

Ah-HA! It's empty space and it's all mine!

So I gots me a juicy cube and I'm doin' fine.

Cubicle that is.

These are the most coveted studying environment in this joint. This place is totally contemporary with its concrete walls, glass partitions, aluminum paneling, and exposed air ducts. And there's nothing better than sitting down in one of these cubes.

This must have been what early settlers felt like when they squatted land. Almost like calling "dibs". You see it, your heart beats a little faster, your eyes glance around almost always checking out the 360 degree area around you... And then you pounce! You pounce on that empty cubicle like a lion on a zebra! And as all those passersby look in on your domain you look back and squint your eyes as if to say, "Back off, bitch."

*Integrated Learning Center aka The Library Basement


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