Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day! While I am nowhere near being Canadian some people say the way I speak sounds Canadian... Except I don't say "eh" or "aboot" a lot. :o)

So there's a point in all this. Canada Day means "a lot" to me not for the holiday that some country is celebrating, but for old high school memories. You see, Michael, Kenna, Sara, and I (aka "The Quad") once put a bunch of ideas on little pieces of paper and put them into a cup. Why? When we couldn't decide what to do we would simply just choose an idea from the cup. What a great idea we thought, problem solved!

Unfortunately, we almost always drew Canada Day - and nobody wanted to do it. Whomever put that idea into the cup, I'll never remember (it was probably me, because that's beautiful irony right there), but I will always remember the uproar that ensued when it was picked.

And from there we usually threw it aside, promising to do it the next time it was picked, but we all knew that was a lie, and picked another idea. I remember one of the ideas was that everything had to be related to the letter C. So we all did stupid things like use words that started with C a lot, or point out every C we saw while we were out driving that night.

*laughing to self*

And thinking about these memories makes me remember another infamous memory between Michael and I. You see, I was hanging out at his parents' house one night while they were out, or possibly already in bed, I can't recall. Anyway, we had this brilliant idea to make a claymation film with their camcorder. *giggle*

So we proceeded to rip apart an old portable phone and use the innards for Michael's character body, a fork with a clay head on it was Kenna, and I don't remember what Sara and I were made of. And there was Adams' evil husband Sean, too! He was a pot thingy, ha... At any rate, somewhere in the film, their pet bird (Oscar?) walked across the scene and then later on Sara's (clay?) body caught on fire!

And even though the fire was an accident, Sara got mad when she found out - that made us laugh to no end because it was just quite ridiculous overall. Stupid clay movie + rogue pet bird + accidental fire = greaty comedy. I still have no idea what happened to that film, but I hope it is buried somewhere in Michael's stuff.

*laughing to self*

Another time, Michael and I wrapped someone's present in an empty soup can and then taped bread around it as wrapping paper. Bread, people!


We did so many stupid things! So many! Like:
*pick up hubcaps on the side of the road (Michael)
*label dramatic/tragic events with the word "Bopper" (Sara)
*fit four people into the back of Penny (Michael's 1989 penny-colored Toyota Camry) in laying fashion
*drive backwards from Sara's house to mine (Michael)
*stand up through Penny's sunroof while Michael drove in the neighborhood (me)
*tp Ms. Adams' house every Friday night until she threatened us to stop (all of us + others)
*go model homing (all of us)
*finish our drafting projects early and ask for a pass to the library when we'd really go to the band room (Michael, Kenna, me)
*have the only infinity pass in history! (me! Man, I was a genius.) I was Adams' designated student pass forger - she appointed me!- so kids could get to other classes after marching without being swept by hall monitors. And so naturally I made myself an infinity pass - which had the date and time as the infinity symbol so I could reuse it as I pleased, but I got her real signature! No forgery for such a golden ticket, no sir!

So thank you, Canada Day holiday, for sparking some very cherished and giggly memories. :o)

p.s. - I still have Cheese (but he doesn't work)!


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