I just now realized that I paid homage to Canada Day, but not our own Independence Day - that shows you just how Ameri-can't I am. Also another little fun fact of our American ways: My university is so wonderfully willing to pay me $62.50 to buy back 15 books. Their wonderful buyback prices (per my books) range from $0.50 to $10.00 - even for some books that were NEW this spring semester (those seem to be fetching the radiant $1 price, gr).

I looked up what other people do to overcome the horrible atrocity that is Universities-screwing-students and they said they sell their books at Half.com or a used bookstore. Tomorrow I will be trying to haggle with the used bookstore by my workplace. It shall be great fun seeing that I have a bajillion books to show them. Some are actually pretty cool "Get your Pyramids of Egypt right here folks!" - they're not all nerd manuals or anything, plus I need the cash.

"Gimme the cash-sh-sh!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time you need to buy books, try www.campusi.com.

6/7/06 22:01  

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