The may-be events of the near future.*

Saturday, December 09:
*Christmas Light Boat Parade
*Pizza, wine, and staring at a firepit

Sunday, December 10:
*Saguaro Lake boating in the afternoon

Monday, December 11:
*I have an arch-history exam study session in the afternoon

Thursday, December 14:
*My last final exam in Materials & Methods
*Bring all my stuff home from my studio desk
*Finish my Books in Dialogue class from last fall ["BOOM, baby!"]
*Clean up the apartment
*Change R-box's oil (in Phoenix)
*Go to Phx?

Sunday, December 17:
*M>>RSX's birthday!

Monday, December 18:
*DooDoo flies in from Florida!

Tuesday, December 19:
*I get to hang out with EW (from high school band, for those of you who know me)!

Monday, December 25:
*Lees-er's 22nd birthday!
*Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 31:
*Goin' to da Phunk Junkeez show to tag along with K while he works! (Woo, it was FUN!)

Tuesday, January 02 - Wednesday, January 10:
*Tara comes to town [to broil brownies?]!

Wednesday, January 10:
*School resumes

Monday, January 15:
*Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School!

Sunday, January 14:
*AZ-HT car meet in Phoenix with M>>RSX?

Saturday, January 20:
*Black tie affair with K's city's Chamber of Commerce. Dressing up! Dinner! Dancing! Pictures!

Monday, August 6 - Sunday, August 12, 2007:
*Sturgis motorcycle rally event with A in South Dakota

Note: strike-throughs = the event has either been completed or canceled


Anonymous Tara said...

Mmmm....broil-ey. I made brownies the other day but my oil was old and they tasted crappy. I was sad. :-(
Since when do you like motorcycles? Go hang out with my father, you damn hippie!

13/12/06 14:47  

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