It kinda makes me mad when people go on and on and on about "how our future plans for this weekend are so exciting"... and then when said weekend arrives, they just stop blabbing about being excited - and tell you that we do have plans... they just no longer include our "exciting plans". i understand that you're tired. i'm tired. we all work really hard all the time (well, not everyone does :oP) and even though we may be really tired now, if we don't go and have as much exciting fun as we planned to, we're going to get sucked back into The World of the Hard-Working again before we know it.

My Christmas break officially started at 3 p.m. today and I have already wasted 6.25 hours of it. Those hours. Gone. Forever. Me? Sitting in my apartment. Alone. Friend A (Mr. "Exciting Plans") is too tired. Friend B is MIA - did you lose your phone again? Friend C had a glimmer of hope, but then neglected to follow through - grr. Friend D, well... Sorry you didn't tell me ahead of time that you were going to be in Phx because we could've kept you from having plans this very lonesome evening.

Yeah, I'm bitching. BITCHHHHING!

Mom, sorry that you [possibly] read this and that I [quite intentionally] swore.

The point is that, yeah, I was here cleaning my apartment after turning in last year's homework (yeah, you read that correctly), but now I'm kinda bored. But I don't wanna go to my family's house and sit and watch tv right now. Sorry guys, I love you, but I need to be outta the house!

[hours pass by before posting]

*crap I didn't go do anything*


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