Dumber than a box-of-rock's box-of-rocks . . .


I'm only living here for the garage.

My roommate, "Roomy", has no appeal to me WHATsoever.

Tonight I was in my studio preparing to draw when Roomy decided he needed my attention right then and there. This is not an unfamiliar occurrence with him. Anyway, so he calls my name to which I answer... And he then proceeds to accuse me of hitting our garage door, thus, snapping two wires and preventing the door from opening with the motor.

He was just leaving for work and was outraged at the fact the door would not budge with the motor. Still accusing me of breaking the door, I told him that if he was going to act in his outraged manner, I wasn't going to help at all. He then lowered his voice a little, but still accused the broken door as my fault. I asked him what time he got home today; he said 4pm. I then proceeded to tell him that I got home around 130pm, and OBVIOUSLY used the garage door successfully... AND that he obviously used the door successfully AFTER me because...



So, he found two wires had snapped on the sides of the door. The door wouldn't lift up easily so he had to release the lever and try again. He managed to lift the door up, but there are no stops on the end of the horizontal metal tracks. So... The door kept rolling across the track... far enough to where the top row rolled OFF the track to where the highest pivot is. So the top row of door swings down TOWARDS THE ROOFS OF OUR CARS. He managed to grab the bottom row of the door in time to stop it from crashing onto the roofs of our cars. If it had rolled off the track, I would have HURT him right then and there.

So, I have to park my car on the driveway tonight, and probably tomorrow night, which I'm not thrilled about, but whatever.

He also claimed that his car broke today, apparently as a result of something Acura "did" (which he'd probably blame them for global warming, the tsunami, and various other-worldly events ::rolls eyes::), but he totally sped away... then proved his brakes, in fact, do work when he slammed on them.



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