"It's just what I wish." -Groove

Groove: this song - uh oh
Groove: it's gonna put me in That Mood
Jigg: lol whats "That Mood"
Groove: "That Mood" is:
Jigg: man, that must be one hella a mood
Groove: when i want to drive with no destination in mind... when i want to cry over someone lost... when i could scream on the top of a mountain, but no sound would come out... when everything in life is: beautiful, spinning, fast-motion, throat-knotting, heart breaking... and wonderful all at the same time. ::tears in my eyes::
Jigg: hmm, i dont know if thats a good mood or not...sounds kinda like a dispairing mood. how about a different song...
Jigg: i got lots
Groove: but it's a good feeling at the same time
Groove: like in American Beauty - where he's watching the bag in the wind and he says there's so much beauty in the world that he can't take it. it's JUST like that
Jigg: thats what your mood made me think of, that movie scene
Groove: then i communicated it well *yay*


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