I've been doing a lot of reflecting upon my life's events recently and, really, (whoa - the rest of what I'm going to write just flashed through my mind. here goes...) I would like to say that I do not have any major regrets. Really, my "regreftul activities" have played a part in making me who I stand to be today and if I dwell on how I "wish I never did them," well, I would get nowhere, wouldn't I. I would, however, like to keep a conscious awareness of all the lessons/values I learned from said activities and download the memories of the activities into a little file I can save should I ever need to access the memories. How convenient that would be.

Part of delving my past has allowed me to contact people as well. People? I should say person. So this person (Jigg) and I have been talking (online/phone) and it has been great fun. I would also describe it as... refreshing, exciting, nostalgic, and a rush. The way I feel is far exceeding my ability to describe it.

I have not seen Jigg in quite some time, but I would rather enjoy doing so in the future.

I know a few of my friends don't really condone my contact with Jigg, but it's not their decision to decide. Now that doesn't mean that I don't listen to and value their advice. It just means that even if I do listen to what they've got to say, it is, in fact, my choice in the end. I can only go on my feelings and major thoughts on/about the matter.

Really, what is so bad about being friends with someone that I haven't talked to in a few years? Surely stranger things have happened.
I made spaghetti today. Mmm, with three mushroom sauce. Mushrooms rule. I dare you to say otherwise! Mmmm... Shroomy.
Everyone is buying an iPod while I'm stuck in the stoneage... Dang it. Must. Get. Job!
AssFace has some chick over so naturally I just want to hide in my rooms. Well, I want to do that when he comes home anyway, haha. Little does he know (my thoughts)...

Last night I offered him some chocolate before I left the house. He claimed that it makes more cavities than soda(which he drinks A LOT). Hm. Which product does give more cavities?!

BWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAAA! I just did a Google search for "chocolate cavities" and it yielded some funny results... Like this!

August 24, 2000

Did you know that...

researchers have found that cocoa beans, which are used to make chocolate, contain antibacterial agents that can help fight tooth decay.

I know, I know - it's the sugar in candy that makes cavities, not the cocoa... :oP
One of my neighbor ladies lets her five dogs out, without leashes, to go pottie. Out in the front yard. Little does she comprehend that five sans-leashed dogs LEAVING her yard to wander the neighborhood is a bad thing. When she's ready for them to come back she starts yelling their names, and I mean YELLING. Today it was, "Ruth! Ruth! RUTH! RUUUUUUTH!," for a few straight minutes. ::shakes head:: People are weird.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mushrooms suck! HA!

-anonymous laughing mushroom hater

26/3/05 17:59  

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