What has he done to deserve it?!

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If you can't tell from that photo, YES, that is Ryan Seacrest receiving a star on the Walk of Fame today. No-no, this is no joke. He received it for his WHATEVER in radio. Radio, television, who cares - he blows. He's like a candy shell with a 0.2 I.Q.

OH! And Paula Abdul can't clap! Seriously!

Groove: ok paula never says anything worth hering
Groove: hearing
Tara: herring either
Tara: she doesnt speak about fish enough
Groove: haha
Groove: she should just shut up
Tara: i like old school angry alanis better than stupid enlightened alanis
Groove: and she cant clap for shit
Groove: yeah. old angry was better
Tara: she cant clap?
Groove: i found this on some random site "American Idol - Rewind and replay Paula Abdul CLAPPING. Is her clap affected or is she spastic? Straight up Paula?"
Tara: what the?
Groove: ok she claps like this:
Groove: her arms are usually stretched out straight, her fingers are spread, and she looks like a seal, walrus, or any type of fin-clapping animal.
Tara: oh, right
Tara: now i know
Tara: hhaha
Groove: my description is funny
Tara: yes it is

LOOK! Even The Wow Report agrees!


Anonymous Tara said...

He's a fucktard. Zoe is way more talented than he is and even SHE doesn't have a star. Morons...

20/4/05 20:16  

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