Delve! Delve!

1. I clicked Publish Post and my entry vanished. Nice. Real, nice.

2. It's freaking late in the ante meridian.

3. Puff, I'm dying here. And the domo is waiting. Just waiting.

4. Guacamole Doritos are great.

5. I wish it would rain a huge storm.

6. I feel like I am in the eye of the storm.

7. Please don't threaten me for your "man". I am no threat to you, so please, just have a life.

8. My bobble sheep got a soda stain on the side of his belly. At first I was upset, then I called it a birthmark.

9. Drove aimlessly towards Oracle tonight - did me no good; brought no relief.

10. My "collapsible funnel" is great and I can't wait to use it.

11. Too often I see the sun set and rise without sleeping.

12. There is a partial solar eclipse today.

13. *can't believe eyes* Why hello, Puff.


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