BLAH. I am in Phoenix. Since the 13th. Finals are over. Financial Aid for Pre-Session at UA = non-existent. Groove = GRRR.

"What's the dealio, yo?" you ask? I'll tell you.

UA doesn't know how to give a straight answer. Earlier this spring, some lady in FinAid told me that my fall/spring FinAid would cover my pre-session (the session before summer 1/summer 2) costs. No FinAid is showing up in my account and I keep checking... but it's no use. So last Friday I walked over to FinAid in the Administration Building. Renovation. I'm so glad the U thinks they should raise tuition to make an already nice-looking campus "look better". Idiots. Anyway... So I had to walk from the usual FinAid office to the temporary office at Babcock. Those of you familiar with campus know that this isn't a "feedily-dee walk", but rather a pain in the butt... and about 15-20 minutes. The lady behind the desk at the usual FinAid office told me there was only meter parking - and I had no change - so I had to walk. At 2 p.m. On white concrete. Under the blazing sun. I had never been to Babcock before, so I checked a map and headed on my way. WELL. I walked completely around it because it only had a sign on ONE face of the building. *FUCKERS*

I go inside and the lady asks me for my student ID. I was having trouble finding it in my purse so I offered my memorized ID number. She claimed, "No, we need your ID card." So finally I managed to find it and we started talking. Turns out that the FinAid lady (#1) earlier in the semester told me incorrect information - claiming that my summer sessions would be covered by my current loans. BLARG! So Lady #2 says Lady #1 was wrong - when in fact she's wrong herself! How is she wrong herself? Well, I'll tell you that too!

Lady #2 had me fill out a NEW FinAid application on Friday. She said it might be approved by Monday (today). So I check my school email alllllll weekend hoping to see an award letter only to find nothing there, STILL, this morning. So I call UA's FinAid this morning. After holding for at least six minutes, the chick tells me that both Lady #1 and #2 are WRONG and that my application will take at LEAST 4-6 weeks to clear! WHAT THE CRAP IS UP WITH THEM?!?! So I had to drop both of my pre-session classes and then add a class to compliment my Physics 102 load in summer 1. "You need at least 6 credits in summer 1 to get ANY Aid," the chick told me today.


Good thing is that I have received my award letter for the 2005-2006 year and they are offering me $18,xxx. $6800 is grant money so I am excited. I have never been eligible for grants in the past, or have ever been given scholarships, so I feel really good about this. Tuition is $4k and then books aren't that expensive. If I take all the monies, I will have a lot to use towards non-school things - which would be a life-saver.

Aaaaaand, after taking too long to write this entry while being distracted by the tv, I am not sure if it even makes sense anymore! Thus, if it is confusing, well, too baAaAad!

Future posts to include: What I Learned at the Credit Union and What To Do with Tremendous Amounts of Free Time


Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

Yeah, weren't you aware that all of our tuition goes into repairing buildings rather than hiring competent employees? And don't forget the miles and miles of red tape. That stuff aint cheap!

18/5/05 22:30  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

*shakes fist* Damn the man!

19/5/05 18:18  

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