Ah, the stupid French.

Oui, nous sommes stupides!

First of all, French voters have negatively associated a wider European Union and the creation of the “united states of Europe”

Jealous much?
The introduction of the euro effectively achieved a single market

Uh-oh, better watch out. Next thing you know, someone will rise up to be the world's new president and enforce a world currency. Soon after, people will realize he's the Anti-Christ, but it will be too late because the rapture has happened and everyone thinks he's the new savior. Oh wait, that's the Left Behind Series. ::plug:: Seriously, you don't have to be religious to like those books, so you should check 'em out.

"Books! Check 'em out! Books! Check 'em out!"


Anonymous Satan said...

You are the antichrist for saying I should read books and/or think independently!

3/6/05 02:01  
Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

As I read part of the article I gave an inward chuckle upon encountering the word 'stagflation'. I mean, seriously, if we don't all stop this stagflation the world will explode.

3/6/05 21:45  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

Yes, poor-poor stagflationary bastards. *pff*

3/6/05 23:06  

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