Ok, the stupid loan people were like, "Yay, your loan will be at 3% interest with a co-signer! But we're going to actually give it to you at 6%! Isn't that great?!"


MOTHER-FUCKING BASTARDS. I don't want to pay 6% interest!
I yelled at the lady because I told her that the website/application was like "3%! 3%!" and she was like, "I don't know what site you went to."
"YOUR COMPANY'S," I said, then added, "Who can I speak to that DOES know something?"
"Ma'am, nobody is here to help you."
"Then what the Hell kind of job do YOU have?!"

Well, I ended up hanging up on her after she started insulting my mom's credit (which is like, flawless). I called my dad and he was like, "6%?! NO!" and I was like, "I know!" So yeah, the $5000 check is sitting in the bursar's office here, and I'll probably endorse it today, but I need to hear back from my momma first.

The lady also said, "We cannot change the interest rate, Ma'am." (Ooooh, I hate that "Ma'am" shit.) I was like, "Then why say you approved us for the 3% in the first place?!"


Urge to kill all humans...

Boo, it's 130pm. Class is at 3 and I wanna get this taken care of.


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