Meine Wochenende.

I went to Phoenix this weekend. Mainly to have my car worked on/tested, but not all of it got done. At any rate, I had a TON of fun being in that atmosphere (car shop + imports + random people stopping by/chatting-up cars). And, even though I knew the least about cars, all the guys treated me as an equal. :o)

Because the tests weren't finished, I have to go back up there at some point to get them done. I don't know when that is, but hopefully it'll be planned more in advance so I can let some people know (aka Neally!).

Anyway, so after the shop day, Squirrels and I went to the Pavilions and parked our cars in the show. Some people came and talked to us, some didn't, but we DID see a lot of ricer trash. A LOT. And a lot of morons. GRRRR.

And then this guy pulled up in his Acura NSX and was talking to us and I asked him if I could have a ride because it's basically my ultimate dream car. And he said okay! So he took me up the freeway and back and it was SO cool. :o) Mmmm... Must. Win. Lottery.

Anyway, so I am back in school now and it is boring. I just want to work on my car and learn how to make it better!

So hyper!


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