What. A. Moron.

I was driving on University Blvd.
today to get some lunch. As some
of you know, Univ. Blvd. only has
back-in parking. Why, I do not
know - it's very dumb. Anyway, so
I've provided a little diagram of
the area where I encountered an
absolute moron today.

Have a look. (click for larger image)

Here's how it went:

I (1) was driving down Univ. Blvd., put on my right turn signal (as everyone does), and stopped with my bumper just in front of the space (2) I was going to back into. This mini-suv pulls up behind me (3) and stops. I am sitting there with my reverse lights on and since they aren't moving, I'm like, "Well, I'm backing up. I know I've got room, but they're going to freak." I was right. I got within 6 inches of the corner of their front bumper, but I was completely clear of collision, and as I'm backing in they honk at me and, when there's enough room, speed off.



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