Pets! Check 'em out!

I got two new pets! Virtual pets, that is. But aren't they cute! There's a pink bunny named Licky and a pink hamster named Hammy Mo Lammy. Look! They're in the bottom of the sidebar to the left. You can feed them and make them run too! Awww... I want a real Licky.


Anonymous Tara said...

Hehe...I fed the bunny and made the hammy run on the wheel. You got the name 'Licky' from those licky-bunnies that were at the pet store that one day. They were cute!

3/4/06 21:56  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

Actually, there was this bunny in a pet store in Iowa and it would not stop licking my hand. I totally loved that bunny and it was only $20, but I couldn't take it on the plane, so I couldn't get it. It was the cutest bunny ever! (Okay, so they're all the cutest, heh-heh.)

3/4/06 22:31  

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