Squidolopolis! On the Discovery Channel! Quick - put it on! Put it on!

Serially. The man-eating squiddos are on the tubicus. Ew, how gross.

They're talking about how these squid love to eat flesh - human flesh. Just look at that picture. Nature pulled a real doozy when creating that thing!


Blogger Isobel said...

Found your blog by accident but love it. Think I'll be stoping by :)
Sorry about some possible english mistakes, I'm portuguese :D

11/6/06 10:27  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

Don't worry about the English - happy to have you reading my journal, thank you for the comment! :o)

12/6/06 15:53  
Blogger H M MuRdOcK said...

squids ROCK!

j/k, they are nasty.
they have those wild, huge eyes...
yet they are repugnantly intriguing

16/6/06 17:12  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

I just sent an army-o-squid in your direction. Straight from Squidolopolis. How DARE you defy me!

17/6/06 09:49  

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