Mixed Combo, 15 points!

So today's the day! THE DAY! "The day?" you say? YES! What am I getting at?! Yay-I-get-to-get-my-car-fixed-in-two-days-with-the-help-of-my-very-knowledgeable-friends-in-California, that's what! I know, I know, I already told you folks that this is happening, but I'm just SO excited! You see, the previous owner of my car never really drove it nicely and, while the car is still driveable, it has hurt its performance a lot in the long run. Noticeable problems surfaced around Christmas in 2004, so you can imagine how beside myself I am that repairs are finally happening now!

And yesterday! Oh, sweet-sweet yesterday. We had the biggest storm of our monsoon season thus far, BOOYA! I was at work where there was brown dirt-water flooding streets higher than curb level, an electrical fire outside at work (pretty cool actually), a leak in the roof, some weird alarm sounded (we have no idea what it does), at one point the wind was so gusty we couldn't see the street (100 ft away?), LOUD crackling thunder (mmm!), and there was hail somewhere in town (thank goodness it didn't get our cars at work! I surely would've cried.

And, of course, people thought their cars could handle the +6" of rain that had drained onto the roads. From the front office door, we watched them drive by at really slow rates and then saw a few SUVs or trucks plow through and splash everyone (which is not cool if you're the one being splashed and cannot see, jerks!). At one point we thought they closed the street because traffic died down a lot - I think people actually got smart for about two seconds, but then more came driving by and that hope was gone.

See, when it rains like that, why aren't people smart enough to just pull over. No, you don't need to keep driving to make sure you get your cup of coffee, etc! I was prepared to sit around after work if the roads were still flooded because it's not worth stalling out your car like someone did across our street. *shakes head* Stupid people and their stupid invincibility fable (which states that people think they are invincible to acts of harm). Nature has the most power to harm you, people! Get a clue!

Okay, that's all for now. Oh, and Check out this cool car art!

p.s. - Check back for pics of the storm, they won't upload right now for some reason.


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