I'm going here
this Friday night
to party the night away! Actually, a
friend is taking me to see a DJ
duo's gig and we get to be in one of the
swanky VIP boxes. *dances
around* Fun!

If you happen to know the name of this club, please do not post it in my comments.
You know, the whole anonymity thing. :o)

I'm so excited! It'll be great to have some kick-ass fun around all the school work I do. WOO!

*click for a larger view


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you're a lucky girl :D
This seems to be the kind of place where I'd feel just fit to.
It has great decoration, great style.
I envy you a lot :D

5/10/06 14:27  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

It was SO fun! WOO! And the music was AWESOME!

10/10/06 23:49  

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