i'm back... in pog form? aw, crap.

things as of late have been generally unhappy. i'm mostly talking about school. the professors have tried running things differently this semester and it's making us all really cranky. a handful of students brought up this notion with one of the professors yesterday - actually, they kind of cranked at him, HA HA, poor guy (he's nice, but clearly should retire). at any rate, all we can do is work through it and get to summer. WOO summer! come on, you bish!

i guess that's why i haven't posted lately. just been kind of "eh". not like anybody reads this anyway. :o) probably like 0.2 of you. i hate the rest of you, heh-heh.

but i'm settled into my new house and so that's all good; tinier than the apartment i moved out of, so that's not cool. that is, the whole house is tinier than my former apartment. 756 sq. ft. to be exact. My apartment was 800 sq. ft. Funny how things like that work. I miss that place sometimes... but I don't miss the drive to/from there because it took me 20+ minutes and was 12 miles each leg.

spring break is nearing! ...in a month, but no less! springy! breaky! wooooooo! hopefully they don't load us down with too much homework because i know everyone is going to need a break to try to regain sanity - we already need it now. yuoy.

my 12 fishies are now in my room instead of the living room - this makes me happy. i get to see their little round bellies swimming around the tank all the time. mmm... ^_^ it's the cutest when they get hungry because they all swarm to the top of the tank and then i feed them. aw, cute.

oh, and ow, my back hurts. :oD

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