Proximity matters.

You're in town, I'm so excited! I'm also so saddened! You're eight miles away and yet you feel so far. How is this possible? I can't wait until the eight miles become zero after a long day's work today. Holy Crap it's 1am! Where did the time go?

I ran into Jeff on campus today - during my minor freak-out session where I decided I needed coffee, STAT! Jeff and I met in a summer class last year. We mocked it good. Oh, how we did. It was sweet. He recently left the engineering college - good for you for screwing them over! They're too nerdy for the real world. :o)

One of my college colleagues chews gum with her mouth open. Slow. Like a cow chewing its cud. The sounds aren't loud, but loud enough to make you wish she'd stop. Rarg. She also says "Hi" in this two-syllabled fashion: "Hi-i" where the "hi" is high pitched and the "-i" is lightly lower... Kind of like Princess Toadstool in Mario Kart 64. "Peachie's got it!" DooDoo, Leeser, you know what I'm talkin' about - and how annoying that is. UGH.

Okay, my bed is SO calling me... and seeing that I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to today and my brain just can't stand to think anymore, yeah. I'm out, yos.

Listening to: Phunk Junkeez - JOIN IN

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