The week is half over already?!

Thanks to the holiday, my week is happily half over! And that will bring the end of the third week of school - how can that be?! I guess we do have a long ways to go before the end of the semester, and I'm not really wishing for the end like I was last semester, so that should tell you that I'm pretty happy with how things are going so far. Maybe it is because I have a fun architecture class thrown in the mix of things.

We had our first review today and you can see half of my project on http://www.architektin.blogspot.com/ (the other half is in physical form - not digital, right now. After I format it to digitalness, I'll post it on Architektin.) My partner and I think it went pretty well for ours, and we know it did for a few others', but some of the presentations left my mind all but bewildered. Yeah, I listened to their intro speech. Yeah, I analyzed their physical presentation. But, I did not get what the CRAP you were trying to do with your video! AHHH! :o(

Well, I'm hungry, and this post is mostly about arch, so I'm out... I think it's time to take a book to a coffee shop and read-it-up while I drink-it-up. :o)

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