GrooveSalad's Believe It Or Not!

Roomy actually has a girl over! They're watching either Bourne 1 or 2 - not sure. Didn't wanna look in case it was Bourne 2 - which I haven't seen. Anyway, they were laying on the couch together when I went to make food. ::shudders:: How anyone can stand him is beyond me. Blah.

In other news, school is going well again now that I'm better. I was really knocked on my butt for a while there. Blah.

Whoa - I made mac-n-cheese and now I'm really dizzy. Dang.

So I've not much to write... EW - It got awfully quiet in the living room... I wonder if they went to his room - EW. Don't wanna know.

31 days till MooMoo.


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