technicolor + coprolites = technicoprolites!

Haha, CRXbot, after you mentioned it, there was NO way I was going to let the image of Kramer in the Technicolor Dream Coat go unseen* by all!

*Easter egg: click the photo.
(It's in Windows Media Viewer format.)

You know, anybody who doesn't like Seinfeld is not-cool in my book. Not. Cool. Haha, really - I think only one person has ever told me they don't like Seinfeld and I honestly can't remember who that was. See?! I deleted such an atrocity from my memory! Thou shalt love Seinfeld!

In other news, the news sucks.


Blogger CRXbot said...

HAHAHA that's funny! I like that picture you found hahaha. I clicked on the picture to get the easter egg but it didn't show up. It was just a bunch of mixed up text.

Yes, all hail Seinfeld!

20/6/05 19:00  

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