People amuse me.

This came from The Evil Bunny's journal comments.
You should listen to Mahler (Symphony no. 6, definitely). Listening to it is like a kick in the face. A glorious, heartwrenching kick in the face.
Hahaha... Also, someone's blog name is benchilada. HA! Cracks me up every time... :o)

In other news:

*I'm still waiting for my loan money to go into my bank account. C'mooooooooooooon money!

*I spray adhered a half-dollar-sized spider to the carpet last night and spent two hours figuring out a way to get it off the carpet (it was still alive) only to end up clipping the carpet underneath the adhesive so I could pick it up with a cup and cardboard and throw it in the outside trash.

*Woke up this morning only to drop a can of Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper on the carpet in my bedroom to which it EXPLODED upward in a conical fountain of soda-y Hell while managing to leave reddish drip lines from about seven feet to the floor, splatter my clean clothes, entertainment center, sheets, architectural drawings/magazines/books, carpet, and whatever else within a six foot radius. Not to mention that my roommate's clothing was in a wash cycle so I had to throw all my clothes into my tub and spray cold water while adding detergent. The worst part is the stupid drain would not stay plugged (the kind you push down to close and open), but I did manage to get the spots out in a matter of minutes thanks to them still being wet. I am lucky, however, that I moved my JRSC into my closet earlier this week... or that woulda been bad news bears. Nobody wants soda inside car parts! Nobody!

Look at him! He's all jovial about it!

Groove: I see you mocking me... Fine! I'll go drink your siblings!
Can: Noooooo!

*Signed up for fall classes, which earlier today I was totally bummed about because all the ones I wanted were showing up full. But, I managed to hunt down some really cool classes - WOO!

*I am starting work for my dad on Monday, but I really can't wait to fly to Iowa. As soon as I get my loan money, I'm booking a ticket outta here! Heh! Yay, Jiggly! Yay, monies!

*I'm done now.


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