So I'm back in Crapshack.
And by Crapshack I mean The Wastelands.
And by The Wastelands I mean Tucson.

Today was the first day of school. I awoke at 530a, packed R-box, and headed towards Crapshack. Got to school at 837a, went to two classes (the classrooms are right next to each other in the ILC - or as I call it The Library Underground. Ok, so I don't really call it that. I just thought of it and I found it funny. Makes it sound all rave-ish. That's right. I go to class in a Rave. *waves glow sticks around* Aren't you jealous?!)

Then I went to the bookstore, picked up books, got upset that they don't sell my favorite pens anymore *stomps foot down and chuffs*, walked to the car, picked up my parking permit sticker at the parking building... My three bettas were in the car the whole time - they love to travel. :oP No really - they do fine traveling in the car. Then the fishies and I went home.

So I got home, I was unloading the car when Roomy decides to talk my ear off. *rolls eyes*

A little while later, Roomy was making tacos and I was going to the grocery store so he asked me if I wanted to pick him up a few items (and he'd take the amount off my rent). I agreed - no sense in us both going. When at the store, I realized I had forgotten my debit card holder at home, but luckily I had $16 cash. I bought his food, went home, got my card holder, went back to the store, bought my food, drove home, pulled into the garage and realized I forgot one bag of food at the store. So I went back to the store, the guy gave me the bag, I went home. I started to make my food, but I forgot the scissors in my studio. I went to my studio, sat down at the desk, signed onto AOL, and walked back to the kitchen - without the scissors. So then I went back to my studio, grabbed the scissors, opened the pasta, and put it in the pot on the stove. Then I was going to chop the tomatoes, but I couldn't find my cutting board. I looked ALL over the kitchen - even in the cabinets, but no board. I asked Roomy if I could borrow his, he said yes, and I walked back into the kitchen. I grabbed his cutting board, put it down by the tomatoes just as angelic music accompanied by bombastic light beams blasted down upon me - my cutting board was on the counter under the tortillas. *deadpan stare* WTF, man! I mean, come on!


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