What did you for that hey...!

"BIG SUNSPOT: Sunspot 865 is about
as big as the planet Neptune, which
makes it an attractive target for solar telescopes. Don't wait too long to look, however, because the sun's rotation will soon turn the behemoth away from Earth. (continued below)
Yesterday (04.07.06), Greg Piepol of Rockville, MD, took this picture of sunspot 865 approaching the sun's western limb. The spot will remain visible for two more days, posing a continued threat for Earth-directed solar flares." -courtesy of spaceweather.com

These pink flowers are outside
my apartment and there are
billions of them on campus.
Aren't they cute?! And, does
anybody know what they are
called? I would really like to
know because I am currently
building a microclimate on my
patio for easier summer enjoyment.

CRXbot: so you fixed your computer then?
Groove: beepbobaapity, yay-uh!
CRXbot: cool beans
Groove: hot beans!
CRXbot: aw
Groove: that was damn funny!

Beautiful: Sketchie Promo
(video & sound)

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