I just gave a presentation for my summer class. I was the guinea pig! Except there was no squealing. Anyway, my classmates assure me that I did very well, but I choose not to believe them until I see my grade. C'mon, 'A'!

Serially. Oh, and hey, we have to do this research proposal for class - which means I might have to email a survey out to people, or post one here. At any rate, if I do post one here, and you want to fill it out, please just copy and paste the format and answer the questions in a comment. I'll explain it again when I post the survey of course... For you non-reader readers!


Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

"We must stop ManBearPig! I am so serial!"

14/6/06 22:07  
Blogger H M MuRdOcK said...


21/6/06 23:04  

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