Ha, again I was at school on a weekend day! *hiss* I spent a few hours sanding metal in an attempt to give our exhibit tables a nice finish. OY, that was a lotta effort in a lotta heat!

So now I'm sitting at home, still covered in some amount of metal powder, and trying to decide what to do with the rest of my night. I was debating on hittin' a Starbucks with my gift card and a good book, but... there was no parking nearby. No, I'm not being lazy, I'm being cautious. :oP

Anyway, so... I really wanna hang out with my Cute Boy, but he's in another town. Which kinda cheeses me - not that he lives in another town, but that my Saturday got so fugged up it means I cannot go visit him and next weekend I'll probably be too busy too. ARRRG! Well, not if I work really hard on my studio project and give myself some good free time on the weekend. Hmm.

Why do I even write here, nobody reads it anyway. :oP


Blogger operadiva222 said...

Somebody does so read it, so there!

8/9/07 23:59  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

Sweet (and thank you)! :o)

10/9/07 00:24  

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