I had a title.

As I was preparing for school this morning, I stood in front of the bathroom sink, leaned forward towards the medicine cabinet mirror to examine my face, and thought, "Haha, that's what I'll title my next journal entry." Naturally, and uncannily, that title now escapes me because I did not bother to write it down at the time of conception. Such is life.

So after getting ready it was off to school; currently, I walk there. When I first started walking to this school I was excited by the idea - "how great it is going to be to release some energy; the weather is wonderful!; why didn't I do this before today?" - but as the months went on I came to realize that, however much I love my town's weather, I do not enjoy having to spend twenty minutes in it right before class. It is not-so-enjoyable arriving too close to class-start and being too hot to be comfortable. Yeah-yeah, "leave earlier", you say - I do try, but it is not always so easy.

My mood changes like the weather, you see. No, I'm not claiming to be bipolar or anything of the sort... just, mood-shifty? :o) At any rate, I wonder if it has anything to do with some surveys I took at my doctor's office this summer. I swore I wasn't going to tell anybody this unless they were really close to me, but maybe it is better if I talk about it? It's nothing life-threatening, don't worry. So this summer my doctor told me he thinks I have a situational anxiety/depression going on and that it's brought on by school - how wonderful, right? Gah. Not only did it make me think, "Oh? That could explain why I've been feeling this way," but also, "Really? Nah, that can't be me..." like it was something I was denying that I had caught in the way illnesses are. How absurd, right?

Just now, I took a break from writing. "I'll let my roommate's 'puppy' (he's probably 6-8 months old) back in his kitchen area; he's been outside for a while now." You think I'm doing my roommate a favor, right? She's in the same college program as me so I can tell you that she's not here a lot either. Anyway, so I got home from class at a late hour tonight and I decided to let the dog out: to potty, to stretch his legs, to release some energy. Nice of me, right? Help her out because I live here, right? But then again when exactly did I sign up for dog duty? Turns out that letting the dog out tonight was a big mistake! That idiot dog does not know that:
  • he's supposed to lift his leg while urinating (he gets pee on all four of his paws);
  • drinking all of his water right away means he won't get any until many hours later (I fill the dang thing more than my roommate ever does);
  • chewing the edge of the carpet at the kitchen/living room archway is bad;
  • digging in the backyard is bad (he's made a mess of the side entry to the house: there are smeared mud-dog-prints all over the sort-of-new white door, he poops in random spots, the whole urinating fiasco as mentioned above makes it stink, etc.)

I mean, I understand that he's a puppy and will do puppy things, but still, it comes down to the owner having a responsibility to make sure their pet gets trained in the best way possible - especially if they share a house with someone. Seriously, I cannot walk into the kitchen because the entry has been blocked off to keep the dog in. And if I do manage to get into the kitchen, he gets puppy-excited and pees - some of which happens to get on my feet at times. How sanitary is that? Yay, a peeing puppy in the area of food! It's a good thing I'm moving by the end of the month - good luck to the new roommate that moves in here.

So the point is that the idiot dog chewed up a corner of my favorite butterfly doormat that my parents bought me last year. It started out by getting muddy by him in the past two weeks, but I had agreed that it was probably cleanable and it wasn't that big of a deal. But to have just been talking about it with C. C. (a school colleague) earlier this very day makes the chewing feel like Chewing x10. I left a note on my roomie's bedroom door whiteboard about said chewing incident, but who knows what will come of it.

[Side note: I was at Target today with C. C. and as we passed the doormat area I got all excited and told her about the butterfly rug and how "wonderful it is!" but I could not find one there to show her - I do not believe they sell it anymore... which is why this x10 situation should really maybe be turned into a x100 situation. Yes. x100 over a doormat. Because it was awesome and it was given to me by my parents. DAMN IT!]

And the dog is too stupid to even realize that me trying to punish him for said mat-chewing is not a playtime adventure! He's too puppy and non-trained and "problem child" to ever get it! I hate dumb animals. I want my dog back in exchange for this one. Seriously, I'm angry now.

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