And then spring break was over.

Long time no post, I've said what I've said a thousand times.

Today is the last day of spring break. :'o( Not only does it mean that my freedom will be ripped from my hands, but that part of myself will be ripped away along with it; that being, I feel like I'm not the me I really know and love to be when I'm so hammered by school work. The stress, the bad sleep, the fatigue... blah.

I had so much stress and fatigue from school that I didn't do anything much over spring break except lay on my sister's floor and sleep/watch a lot of tv/movies. I also did the same thing at Cute Boy's - lots of tv/movies. WOW, what a lazy spring break! I had so many plans of things to do!
I guess my consolation right now is that school pretty much ends in the first week of May even though finals extend into the second week and I'll have 1 exam to take for history. So I guess I just have to survive the next 5 weeks and then I'll have 3 months to work, earn monies, and spend time with Cute Boy!

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Blogger DooDooDoo70s said...

Haha you are still in school!!! Although you will eventually make enough money to dig me out of debt(hint, hint, wink)...

10/4/08 16:30  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

i JUST saw this comment! shows you how much i've been in architorture-land. :'o(

14/5/08 06:41  

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