Shifty gets shipped out.

My friend Aaron, "Shifty", whom I met in German class here at the university is being shipped out to the war tomorrow. I knew it was coming for some time - I've had the feeling for years... but now that it's actually happening, it's wracking at me pretty hard. I am worried for a friend like I have never been before (except youz, Lees-er, I still worry about youz) and it's even sending me to tears.

Aaron's and my friendship is a very stoic one. We don't hug, we respect each other's relationships (if his girlfriend calls while we hang out, he'll sit and talk to her for twenty minutes while I sit and wait), and his family (who barely knew me) took me in for about a week when my car needed a safe place to reside after the break-in.

My point/plea is this: Please keep him in your happy-thoughts while he is away... like so many others fighting during these rocky times.


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