*current mood = breeching insanity*

i'm so restless this past week. lots of stuff has been going on that really has me testing my own limits... and having my limits tested by others. GAH. like right now i really wish i had something good to write in here, but now i suppose i'm writing just for the sake that i'm lonely right now.

FINE! i'll clean my apartment. my apartment. my. apartment. my. insanity.


Anonymous stretch armstrong said...

sounds like u are stressing out over the breaking of the wrong set of lim-its.

when your own li-mits are being pushed / tested / stretched, one often can learn much about themselves and others and oppurtunities for growth and created, blah blah blah.

when u are breaking the speed lim-it on winding mountain roads in a self described manic state with very little sleep, while i am sure it would be exhilarating, IS dangerous.


11/9/06 05:08  
Blogger Groove Salad said...

I'm not really learning new things about myself... more like I'm being reminded of the horrible things.

No manic driving on the mountain with little sleep. Sleep was acquired before hand. The mountain set me free and captured me all the same.

11/9/06 10:40  

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