Oh, life.

Hey Life, why are you sucking right now? Okay, life doesn't really suck at all right now. Sure, there are a few bumps that seem like freakin' boulders, but everything will even out in the end - it always does.

I can't believe it's already Tuesday of spring break though. I mean, come on, Tuesday?! That means I only have 6 days left! Six! NOOOOO! But Cute Boy and I are going on a mini-road trip this week, YAY! ;o)

And I get money back from taxes because I didn't make enough last year to have to pay anything! Suckers... :o)

My car is getting new tires! I'm excited! He's excited! It's going to be a fun day, fo' sho'.

Isn't it great when old friends block you on instant messenger... because they are mad at you for pointing out the wrong-thing they're doing... after they asked you to tell them what you thought? YEAH!

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