Some days just freak you out.

Sometimes, when things get really hectic in my life, I forget to "real-time" update this journal. One of those things is that as of Saturday, February 24th, Cute Boy and I officially decided to be boyfriend & girlfriend. Actually, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Tee hee, he claimed me, YAY!

"So who is this 'Cute Boy'" you ask? He's mine! I'm not going to go into super detail about him because I wish to protect his privacy as much as possible. He doesn't know I have this journal (it just hasn't come up yet, I guess?) so I wouldn't want to go crossing any lines by assuming it's okay to detalize him. That's right, detailize. But I'll probably refer to him as "Cute Boy", "CB", or possibly "bf" or "my bf" - whatever the context calls for.

My family was in town today for my sister's bone marrow reunion picnic. It has been 10 years since her transplant. YAY for her! We ate lunch there, but it was so dang windy outside that the whole event was pretty much ruined. They had to move a lot of it inside and everyone got lost and blah blah blah. So we ate and ditched that joint! Then I gave them the grand tour of the architecture building (my dad took pics of everything, lol) and after that we went to the mall, where Lees-er and I bought some clothing at Charlotte-Russe. I got two cute shirts! I must go back there and try on more things. Yes.

Alright. This entry has been sitting open, unposted for a few hours now. I'm going to go watch a movie and try to ignore the world for two hours.



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