Betta 1.0

One of my bettas died. I'm sad. :o( I'm even more sad that I'm not sure when he died. It could have been Sunday night or Monday day. If I wasn't so busy all of the dang time, I would have known "exactly" when it happened - not that it really matters in hindsight, I suppose.

I had Leela for just over two years last month. (I know, the betta I'm talking about was male, but his name was Leela - doesn't make sense, does it? Hey, Spunkster, remember how I named the two bettas Leela and Fry? < --- So that's why, folks.) He just started looking ratty lately - his fins mostly... and he lost his ability to swim easily... and it looked like he also lost his appetite. :o( Poor, old fishy.

Or maybe he died of a broken heart because he had no family.

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