It always amazes me...

The way I come up with designs always amazes me. Each design provocation is different from the last:

  • inspiration listening music
  • saying ideas out loud
  • doodling aimlessly with frustration for hours
  • thinking in the shower
  • driving my car

...and the list goes on - I doubt I could list them all. The point is that Friday morning at 6 a.m. I had an epiphany of a design idea and now, at 3:30 a.m., I have just had another break through. Gravy-hoo-yah for me! :oD Couple that with the fact that my design crit liked the start of my idea (shown in model form in class on Friday) and that should allow you to realize that I have been in pretty good spirits the last couple days. Oh, and also because Cute Boy is here! :oD

So now all I have to do to meet Monday's deadline is:

  • build a more advanced model of my idea (which means I may need to go to the store... without having a car, this is pretty difficult, lol)
  • draw two critical spatial sections - one for the horizontal axis and one for the vertical axis of my site


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