A melding of the "blogs". (I hate that word)

So I pretty much just post all of my architectural babbles here... like I wasn't going to... hence the "Architektin" link in the left column... Whatever, yo. I guess when I actually get the guts to post pictures of my work, I'll jump back to "Architektin", but for now, it's all here, ba-bay! (Said like Conan O'Brien's: "Keep cool, my babies!") Anyway...

I've been going through a lot of turmoil with school this semester - the way I work doesn't work with the way the crits want us to. My crit wants us to design in a manner that seems totally illogical to me, but I'm here to learn, so I try his way - and then I usually end up getting upset or confused or doubty... when I really shouldn't! Because then I've started down the path of self-doubt in design and that's clearly not the issue here. The issue is stress regarding instruction.

To my crit:
  • Give us good instructions.
  • Give us thourough instructions.
  • Know fully what the client wants before instructing us to design a building for them. You saying, "I'm not really sure..." isn't helping us. How are we supposed to know the things you don't know yourself?
  • Constructive criticsm won't kill you. Again, how are we supposed to figure some of these difficult things out if you're not willing to discuss and sketch with us?
  • Why are you teaching architecture students if you only went to art college?

Thank you to:

  • Momma: for listening to me whine on the phone and telling me the nice things you said (sorry, peeps, that's between her and me). I had just held back crying and then you almost yanked it outta me, yarrr!
  • Daddio: for talking to me online and then insisting that I call you so I could hear your voice; for the architectural advice, knowledge and feedback. You're the only architectural person I really understand and feel that I have shared-ground with. You listen, you yell, you help. :o)
  • Cute Boy: for being there for me online in this time when your phone is broken, and you really would rather be doing anything other than typing at me, but you do it anyway because you know it makes me happy; for throwing the level of communication I throw at you right back at me - it is refreshing; for making me hyper. lower-case!

Alright, I'm exhausted. This weekend has been one huge research-sketch-frustration-fest. Really, it was. I'm sure I'll be writing more about it whenever I get frustrated.

Oh, and I have a post discussing what I did for spring break, but it's not done yet, and I can't devote that much brain power to it just now or I think I might explode. So when I get a free minute of sanity (HA - betta check back in three years when I gradumatate!) I'll make sure to finish that up for you folks.

In the meantime, you really think it's wise to leave my journal page without a comment? How very mean of you. ;o)

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