Hey World, how's it been?

Oh, it's been.

It's been like this:
1. Architecture exhibit - sweet!
A lot of hard work went into bringing this year's exhibit together. I feel that I portrayed the best work I possibly could have along with the implied message that "I deserve to make it" to the anonymous jurors - hope 'you all' got my message.

2. Work stress - arg.
99% of jobs stress people out. Your boss is the one who either makes or breaks your job-liking. Mine breaks. Most days anyway.

3. Exempt from dinosaurs final exam - yes!
Good grades and a lot of extra credit = an "A" for this class and the preceptorship course tacked along with it. Two easy "A's" = booya. Plus, this class was TOTALLY fun, so if any of you go to my school and want to know more about it, leave a comment.

4. Identity theft - bastards!
They didn't get the $2000 they tried to take - thankfully. I don't even have nearly that much to my name, so whew! Luckily, and very thankfully, my bank called me to question if I had made those withdrawl attempts... from San Pedro, California. Well, I obviously didn't so they shut down my account and I got a new one today. So move along, bastards!

5. Financial Aid - good and bad.
Waiting to hear about summer aid grants, but I have been awarded grants for next year - yay! Free school rocks!


Blogger operadiva222 said...

How much do rocks normally cost? Ha! Yea for free school!

29/4/06 17:17  
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